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                      TOUR DATES
       2016                                2017

11 Apr  - 16 Apr            12 Apr  - 17 Apr
20 Apr  - 25 Apr             20 Apr  - 25 Apr           
16 May - 21 May           16 May - 21 May
09 Jun  - 12  Jun           15 Jun  - 20  Jun
25 Jun  - 30  Jun           25 Jun  - 30  Jun
06 Jul  -  11  Jul             08 Jul   - 13  Jul
19 Jul  -  24  Jul             22 Jul   - 27  Jul
06 Agu - 11 Agu            02 Agu - 07 Agu
25 Agu - 28 Agu            27 Agu - 31 Agu
03 Sep - 08 Sep            05 Sep - 10 Sep
14 Sep - 19 Sep            15 Sep - 20 Sep
26 Sep - 30 Sep            23 Sep - 28 Sep
02 Oct  - 07 Oct              06 Oct  - 11 Oct                       
12 Oct  - 17 Oct              15 Oct  - 20 Oct
20 Oct  - 23 Oct             25 Oct  - 30 Oct
06 Nov -11 Nov            02 Nov - 07 Nov
15 Nov - 20 Nov           12 Nov - 17 Nov


PRICES           : Per Person  880 EURO    -    Single Suplement 480  EURO
GREECE         : Athens – Delphi – Aegina – Poros – Hydra islands
GROUP SIZE  : 12- 16 Persons
DURATION     : 5 Days
Arrivel to Athens airport , meet with local representative at the airport , transfer  to hotel. Free time  to stroll in the old Plaka district. Overnight in Athens.
After breakfast, start to your sightseeing tour of the centre of Athens, first visit to The Constitution of Greece (Sintagma). It was created by the Fifth Revisional Parliament of the Hellenes and entered into force in 1975. The Constitutional history of Greece goes back to the Greek War of Independence, during which the first three revolutionary Greek constitutions were adopted. 
After visit old Parliament House The Old Parliament building which is located at Stadiou Street in Athens, It was house of  the Greek Parliament 1875  - 1932. Today it is National Historical Museum. In front of the building stands a large equestrian bronce  statue of General Theodoros Kolokotronis. Visit The National Library of Greece which is situated near the center of city of Athens. It holds 4,500 Greek manuscripts which is one of the greatest collection of Greek scripts. There are also many chrysobulls and archives of the Greek Revolution
Driving down Herod Atticus Street, you will see the Evzones in their picturesque uniform and the Presidental Palace  which is the official residence of the President of the Hellenic Republic.
On the way you will see the Hadrian's Arch, visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus. and you will make a short stop at the Panathenaic Stadium which was refurbished a second time in 1895 for the 1896 Olympics, with completion funding provided by the Greek benefactor George Averoff whose marble statue now stands at the entrance, based on designs by architects Anastasios Metaxas and Ernst Ziller.
Upon arrive Acropolis, we will visit Acropolis Museum which is focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens. The museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on its feet, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. It also lies on the archaeological site of Makrygianni and the ruins of a part of Roman and early Byzantine Athens. Also, we will visit the architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens  the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erecheion.
The last stop before we back to hotel is The Parthenon. The Parthenon is a temple in Acropolis, the harmony between material and spirit, the monument that puts order in the mind.
Early evening we will back to hotel, you can relax in the rest of the day. Overnight in Athens. ( Breakfast )

After breakfast  drive through the fertile plain of Boeotia, crossing the towns of THEBES which is connected with the tragedy of king Oedipus – Levidia  and Arachova , we will have a short stop here you can have little time to explore the famous colorful rugs and carpets. 
Arrival to Delphi , the center of the Ancient world - the Omphalos (Navel) of the Earth - whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic world. On the slopes of Mounth Parnassus , in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty, lie the ruins of the sanctuary of Apollo Pythios.. 
Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the Moseum  containing such masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture as the bronze Charioteer and the famous athlete Aghias. We take lunch in a village of  Delphi. The end of the tour return back to hotel Overnights in Athens.
(Breakfast - Lunch )

DAY 4 -  ATHENS – DAILY CRUISE 3 ISLAND TOUR ( Aegina- Poros - Hydra.)
After breakfast transfer to the port for embarkation on the one day cruise. Today we will visit three beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf. We shall visit the islands is either Aegina- Poros- Hydra or  Poros – Hydra – Aegina island depend of the tour date cruise program.
After 2 hours,  arriving to Poros and we will stay around 50 minutes. Poros is a small Greek island-pair in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, distance about 35 miles from Piraeus and separated from the Peloponnese by sea channel, ( 200 meter vide)  with the town of Galatas on the mainland across the strait. Island about 31 square kilometres.  Poros ancient name was Pogon. Like other ports in the Saronic, it is a popular weekend destination for Athenian travellers year times
After Poros sailing to Hydra island (around 1.15 hour sailing). It is separated from the Peloponnese by narrow strip of water. In ancient times, the island was known as Hydrea which was a reference to the springs on the island. Stay 1.5 hours in Hydrea island tofeeling greek people life stile , walking and you have dnket rideing opotunity around island short time.
Continue to  Aegina, and  arrive approximately  2 hours sailing. During ancient times, Aegina was a rival to Athens, the great sea power of the era. . Tradition derives the name from Aegina island, the mother of Aeacus, who was born in and ruled at Aeginas island.
At the end of the tour, sailing back to Piraeus port , transfer to hotel. Overnight in Athens.
( Breakfast )

Free time in Athens  depend of the flight time.  Transfer to the airport for the flight to back your home.
Hope to see you again an other Alsero Travel trip.   ( Breakfast )

                TOUR DATES
2016                                2017
11 Apr  - 16 Apr            12 Apr  - 17 Apr
20 Apr  - 25 Apr            20 Apr  - 25 Apr           
16 May - 21 May          16 May - 21 May
09 Jun  - 12  Jun          15 Jun  - 20  Jun
25 Jun  - 30  Jun          25 Jun  - 30  Jun
06 Jul  -  11  Jul            08 Jul   - 13  Jul
19 Jul  -  24  Jul            22 Jul   - 27  Jul
06 Agu - 11 Agu           02 Agu - 07 Agu
25 Agu - 28 Agu           27 Agu - 31 Agu
03 Sep - 08 Sep           05 Sep - 10 Sep
14 Sep - 19 Sep           15 Sep - 20 Sep
26 Sep - 30 Sep           23 Sep - 28 Sep
02 Oct  - 07 Oct             06 Oct  - 11 Oct                       
12 Oct  - 17 Oct             15 Oct  - 20 Oct
20 Oct  - 23 Oct             25 Oct  - 30 Oct
06 Nov  -11 Nov           02 Nov - 07 Nov
15 Nov  - 20 Nov          12 Nov – 17 Nov

Terms and Conditions

CODE          : TOURGR2  
PRICES      : Per Person  880 EURO    -    Single Suplement  480  EURO
·         Advance payment minimum % 80 non refundable. Rest Payment  90 Days befor tour date.
·         You have first major justification, to declare with official document ( Healt problem, accident and smilar ) we refund   % 20. Payment back date, 90 days  after your request .
·         Non justification cansellation non refundable. As a contract.
·         After the total payment cansellation 61 days befor  tour date. % 80 No Show  penalty. Refund  % 20
·         Cansellation 60 days befor % 100 no Show penalty . Not refund.

PRICES INCLUDE                                              
·         4 breakfasts.
·         4 to 5 star hotel accommodation in Athens
·         Sightseeing and entrance fees Acropolis, Delphi and Museums.
·         English speaking tour guide.
·         Entrance fees to museums and sites as detailed
·         Arrival and departure airport transfer to hotel.

·         Meals not indicated in the itinerary
·         Bottled water
·         Aerated and alcoholic drinks
·         Personel expances such as phone calls, laundry, etc.
·         Tips, gratuities and priavate requests.
·         International and domestic flights  
·         Airport and departure taxes
·         Visa Travel Insurance
Per person in a 3* HOTEL : 590 EURO 
On request

Terms and Conditions

CODE          : TOURGR2  
Hotels  4  - 5 stars depend of the tour rute availablety
Much of Greece has a soft climate with great extremes of heat and cold between summer
and winter. Spring and Autumun is the best for life  Summers are warm to hot with almost continuous sunshine.
You will be required to carry all your luggage between hotels and transportation. On sightseeing
days you will be required to carry a day pack with your camera, water proof clothing in winter and spring time, and any other personal items you may require during the day.
Specialist gear required include walking boots and day pack (a comprehensive gear list is
provided in the pre-departure information provided on booking).
During the course of your trip, we will use a variety of vehicles, all which are fit for purpose
and the conditions encountered. It should be noted that laws governing transportation safety
may differ from those in your home country and on occasion some vehicles may not have seat
belts fitted. 

Terms and Conditions

To book a Alsero Travel  trip, you will need to complete a booking form and pay a non
refundable deposit which you can do by using our online booking function for most trips, or
if you prefer, download a booking form from the website and return to us by fax, or mail your
booking form and deposit  us. We can also help you with any additional arrangements that you require,
such as competitive airfares to get you to your destination, stopovers, pre or post trip. 

Terms and Conditions


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